CAMP MASTERS High Achiever Prizes

CAMP MASTERS has rewards to motivate and congratulate Scouts who sell to high levels!  Choose a prize below and GO FOR IT!

Click Here to download the High Achiever Prize Form.  High Achiever prizes are not cumulative!

Ful-Filled Patch
  – Sell to 30 customers this year to fill all the lines on your order form.  When you do, you’ll earn the exclusive 2017 CAMP MASTERS Ful-Filled Patch






 $1,500 Sales Achievement – Earn a $50 gift card to Amazon or Walmart,  Think of all the great gear you can buy!







$2,000 Sales AchievementChoose a  New Spy Drone OR  A New Camping Package!


New Spy Drone comes with Virtual Reality Goggles & Controller



NEW Camping Package! Tent with Multi Tool, Water Bottle & Cooking Kit





$3,000 Sales Achievement  –  Choose the LBJ Wireless Bluetooth Head Phones w/ Microphone OR   American Express Gift Cheques

LBJ  Head Phones with Case & adapter, ShareMe 2.0


american_express_chequesAmerican Express Gift Cheques for 5% of total sales.  Example:  $3,000 = $150 gift cheques.  Gift cheques rounded to nearest $10.